Orlando Brown admits being “a little scared” about whether NFL season happens


It remains unknown what will happen five months from now. Everyone is hoping for a football season.

No one knows whether there will be one.

The NFL schedule is expected to be designed so the league can shorten it if need be.

Ravens right tackle Orlando Brown Jr. wonders aloud whether the season will happen.

“I am a little scared,” Browns said during a conference call with the team’s beat writers, via Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a serious situation.”

Rams center Brian Allen on Wednesday night became the first active player publicly to acknowledge a positive COVID-19 test. A report that Broncos pass rusher Von Miller also has coronavirus surfaced Thursday afternoon.

“That’s tough,” Brown said of Allen and before news of Miller’s positive test. “I don’t think the NFL and the Ravens organization are going to put us in a bad position. If things aren’t ready, they’re not ready. I don’t think it’s going to be forced. I don’t think you can force it. With this disease being so deadly and so many people losing their lives, from all ages and races, it’s something that I don’t think it’s going to be taken lightly.”

Brown, like the rest of the NFL, doesn’t know what will happen between now and the scheduled start of the season. Or the scheduled start of the postseason.

“Obviously, we all want to get out there,” Brown said. “We all want to play with each other. But it’s one of those things where we have no control over it.”