Men with a loaded gun caught at Schiphol Airport station


Two men, including one carrying a loaded gun, were taken into custody by authorities at the Schiphol Airport train station on Saturday. A day later, authorities said the men were not suspected of attempting to carry out a terrorist plot, but that they were coincidentally wanted in a separate investigation.

A witness on the train saw one of the two loading a firearm while the train was headed towards the airport. Emergency services were notified, who then contacted the Marechaussee, a branch of the Dutch military which guards airports, seaports and borders.

The Marechaussee sent a tactical “rapid response unit” to meet the train as it pulled into the station. The military branch said its team found a man matching the description reported by the witness, and that suspect was carrying a gun.

He was taken into custody along with his traveling companion. The Marechaussee said its investigation was ongoing.

Both are from Amsterdam, with one aged 22 and the other 33 years old, the Telegraaf reported. The separate criminal case for which they were wanted was not revealed by authorities.